a truly scrumptious smoothie


Hi everyone!

I love smoothies! It’s been an unusually hot week, so I wanted something to help cool down. I was feeling in a hot chocolate mood, but it was too hot to drink hot chocolate, and I wanted something healthier than a milkshake, as you can tell I’m extremely picky,  so the choco-cherry smoothie was born! This is a great smoothie for when you want something a little richer than a regular fruit smoothie, and it’s healthy! Well it’s healthier than a milkshake.

So here’s how to make this scrumptious smoothie! First let’s gather your ingredients. You will need:

1 cup pitted cherries ( I used frozen ones from cosco 🙂

3/4 cup blueberries (also cosconian)

1/4 cup chocolate chips

1/2 a can of guava juice ( you could probably use another type of sweet juice )

1 cup of yogurt ( I used pain )

1 table spoon vanilla ( optional, I just find things taste better with some vanilla )


Now you blendy-blendy! I have a vitamix so I just put it on the smoothie setting, but you can just blend till smooth, or your desired texture. I put the guava juice close to the bottom of the blender so it well blend faster and so the fruit won’t get stuck. You should probably do it with the yogurt to but I forgot.



Now you’re all done! Just pour into cups and enjoy! This recipe should serve about 3-4 cups depending how large you’r glasses our. Be careful though this smoothie is very refreshing and tasty, so prepare for seconds!  My niece was so sad that there was none left over that I just had to make another batch.



Have a lovely day everyone, and enjoy this truly scrumptious smoothie, I strongly encourage you to try this out! It’s a great way to prevent the summer humidity from getting you down. What are your favorite smoothies?

Stay classy,



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