Fleur de la Fleur


Flower of the flower. But what exactly is the flower of the flower you may ask? It’s petals. Flower petals are so pretty that they sometimes even upstage their patron, even flower girls don’t throw actual flowers. The question is what else can you do with flower petals besides making a child lay them where you shall step, without pay I might add. I found myself in the same predicament after I was left with a bunch of dead flowers. But hey, sometimes things are better off dead, and I’m here to show you why.

1. Potpourri aka dead flowers in a jar

This is the simplest thing to do with dried flowers, which is why when potpourri is over $50 ( looking at you Bloomingdales ) it’s ridiculous. I mean all you really have to do is sniff around your yard and collect a bunch of fragrant stuff get some spices and stuff it in a jar. Just make sure it looks pretty because you can always hide some febreze inside. Basically I just took some old marmalade jars and filled them up with rose petals, pine needles, orchids, rosemary, and basil. Then I put it in a dark cabinet where the scents can flourish and cultivate for a few weeks and voila! Potpourri.







2. Soap

This is a nice idea if you have some leftover soap bits and like knowing what’s actually in your soap. I’ve read some rather disturbing articles about what’s in your bath products, so instead of getting rose soap that may or may not actually have roses, make your own.

First you gather your ingredients. Use some old soap bar ends or purchase a soap base. Get some dried flowers and some spices. I used some leftover Dove soap and some chocolate soap from whole foods. I also got some chives, cinnamon, basil, and lemon juice.



Then melt the soap until it’s liquidated and add the flowers to it, you can either mix it in or lay it on top.





Then finally I set it out to harden, and voila, your own handmade soap!




So there you have it, fleur de la fleur. I hope this prevents you from chucking out all those dead flowers and use them to create something beautiful. Or you could just give them to me. You can never have to many flower petals, just like shoes. Have a wonderful day, and I would love to hear if you tried this out of if you have any creative things to do with flowers.


13 thoughts on “Fleur de la Fleur

  1. Your soap is so pretty. This reminds me of when I was little, I used to love pressing flowers, I never did anything with them though but it was fun to see what they looked like when they came out of my flower press.

    • Thanks Lisa, I never realized how beautiful dried flowers could be until I did this post. I remember when I was little there were these beautiful flower bushes on the house next to my grandparents and I would pick the petals and pretend I was a flower girl. Lucky for me the neighbors didn’t notice 🙂

      x Jade


  2. I’ve always wanted to make soap, but never felt the need to go out and spend tons of money on ingredients and such things. And since I absolutely love everything about Lush except the prices, I never have scented soaps, besides the occasional cucumber. I would have never thought to use the ends of soap, I have a ton just sitting in my soap dish. Thanks for the idea.
    Also, I’m going to try the soap with some different flowers and spices. If it looks and smells good, I’d love to put it on my blog. Of course I’d credit you as my inspiration though:)

    • Of course, I would love to read your take on creating your own soap! Please tell me when you post so I take a look! It really makes me happy to know that my blog inspires people!

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