girls with fabulous hair (as in not me)

As I was shopping today with my friend Megan, I couldn’t help but notice peoples hair. One girl had her hair braided with fabulous pastel ribbons, and another lady had her hair pinned up in this gorgeous rose-like updo. With my hastily made ponytail for a day of some serious shopping, my hair felt blah. And feeling blah is bad. So I made a lookbook of all the hairstyles I need to try out this summer.



A hairstyle where you need to be an octopus ( or another animal with eight arms ) to successfully create.


The mermaids approve.


Finally, a practical reason to buy hair chalk.


The bohemian goddess of springtime.


Simply effortless ( it’s going to to take me hours )


The beauty of synthetic flowers.

This summer I am going to try recreate the hairstyles above to step up my hair game. I promise to blog about my experiences and results so be prepared for a lots of hair. Yes, I wrote that. I already have all the materials for making a flower crown so my next post will be a DIY flower crown. So stay tuned! I’m also trying to figure out a posting schedule so I won’t be as flighty.

Stay classy,



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