Splurge vs. Save : Peasant Top

Splurge vs. Save

Hi everyone!

I’m always big on saving, especially with fashion. So when credit card insider asked me to write a splurge versus save post as a part of their campaign to spend responsibly, I was totally on board. My splurge vs. save is a peasant top I just purchased, and I am so glad I bought it, because it is so pretty, and was a super amazing deal!

Have you ever had one of those moments when you see an item, and you absolutely, positively, need to have it? When you know it would look gorgeous on you, and it would make you feel like everything you ever wanted? A couple days ago I got that feeling. When I was meandering around the free people website (which is always a horrible idea) I came across the most beautiful peasant top. It was perfect, until I saw the price tag, which was $128


Screen Shot 2014-06-26 at 4.04.42 PMP1020391

Forever 21 ($18)                                                 vs.                           Free People ($128)


I usually shop exclusively at the free people sale section because honestly that stuff isn’t worth $175, even though I adore free people. I was at forever 21 with a friend, and I was feeling a little down from the top that I couldn’t get without feeling guilty for overspending (don’t you hate that feeling). I was listlessly roaming around the store when my friend pulled from the rack the most beautiful peasant top that I snapped up for the amazing price of $18. Now that I look back at the free people top I’m so glad that I picked up mine because the FP top only got two stars, isn’t as pretty as mine, and saved me over $100!

Stay classy, Jade


2 thoughts on “Splurge vs. Save : Peasant Top

  1. Nice! I know the feeling – I’ve been trying to save this month as I just got back from an expensive vacation and it’s so so hard to avoid the temptation to shop… ah! Love the f21 buy though! I agree – free people has gorgeous clothes but they can get pricey!

    • Thank you, and your vacation looks wonderful (I checked out your blog). And I know the feeling of wanting to shop, the struggle is real! Free people is my favorite place to shop, but I can really only afford to get something occasionally.


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