Fun and Easy Jewelery Organizers


Hi everyone! Today I want to share with you guys some of my organization tips on storing your jewelry. I recently did a few DIYs and went to the thrift shop to redo my jewelry holders, and I’m really pleased how it turned out!


DIY pastry stand – I made this out of three plates, two candlesticks, some spay paint, and a bit of modpodge.  This is a super cute décor idea for almost anything, I just put some bracelets on it!


I got this necklace stand from Goodwill, but it was metal, so I spray painted it white.


I use this jewelry box from my Mom for a few of my more valuable pieces, and this pretty box from Pakistan for my rings.


I got the mannequin necklace holder from Ross because it’s really cute!

So thanks for reading! I’m sorry for the lack of posts but my laptop got stolen so it’s been hard to blog:( Never fear though, I’ll figure something out! Have a fabulous Friday!

stay classy,





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