Thriftshop: a haul

Last week I went thrifting, and I founds loads of lovely items! I actually really enjoy going thrift shopping because you never know what treasures you will find. I was surprised how many well known brands were available for such cheep prices, so I ended up snapping a lot more stuff than I would usually buy in a day.

white denim shorts $7.99


I have been desperately searching for a white denim shorts to no avail. These pants have made me indescribably happy and I plan to live in them. The denim also seems to be really high quality, and it just looks pretty.

Coach Sneakers $5.99


These sneakers were so pretty, practical, and cheep that I just has to snap them up!

White Keds $5.99


I’ve needed white sneakers forever, and I love the style of Keds, so I was really happy to find these.

Nude Heels $5.99


I was really surprised to discover that my closet lacks nude heels, so I bought these.

Roxy Top: $5.99

DSCF0591 DSCF0592

I love Roxy’s aesthetic and the crocheted back. The fabric is also really lovely and light for summer.

Charter Club T $5.99


This color is amazing, and it’s so soft and snuggly. When I wear this shirt I feel like I’m wearing my pjs, which is always good.


I’m usually not a big thrifter, but after all these amazing items I plan to go more often. My favorite purchase from this haul would have to be the white shorts because I’ve wanted it for so long. Have you guys ever found an amazing bargain or a item you’ve wanted forever at the thrift shop? Share your stories in the comments below, I would be delighted to read them.

stay classy, Jade



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