My Exotic Thrift Store Haul


Today I went thrifting, again. Am I the only one who has noticed that this is my second thrift shop haul post, and this is my third haul post ever. Just to let you know, I do shop at normal department stores. I guess I like posting about my thrift shop hauls because they are so interesting, and whenever I find something nice at a thrift store I feel very proud. Enough psychological reasoning, let’s get started!

We have to start with shoes, because, well, shoes! I got these amazing Steve Madden wedges for $8! I really like these because they’re really comfortable and the colorful straps make it really unique! I also got some Franco Sarto wedges from the artist collection that is super nice, and a bit easier to match.

I also got two scarfs. I’m not usually a scarf person but these two were so unique and interesting. Both were about $6 each, which I think is a bargain.

Finally I got this beautiful Tom Sawyer book. It’s usually $20 at B&N, but it was just $2! Score! I haven’t read this book yet, and I really want to, so I think this lovely cover will encourage me.

It might just be me, but for some reason today’s haul seems very cosmopolitan and worldly. The fancy cover of the book, the exotic scarves, and the shoes that looks like they’re for traveling (but in reality would be a pain to walk in), don’t they just allude to different places and cultures? Or maybe I’m just trying to make a trip to the thrift so more exiting.

stay classy,






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