Things to look Forward to this Fall

1. The sky grows gloomy, the fog rolls by, the air is chill, and you feel in the middle of a mystery novel. 2. Getting pumpkin spice frappes from Starbucks that make you feel nostalgic when you  look out at … Continue reading

the candy craver got nominated

Hi everyone! I’m so happy because I’ve been nominated for the Very Inspiring Blogger! the person who nominated me is Izzy from GlitterforBreakfast who has a great blog with a delicious title (Y’all should check her out:). I’m super exited about this because this … Continue reading

Fun and Easy Jewelery Organizers

Hi everyone! Today I want to share with you guys some of my organization tips on storing your jewelry. I recently did a few DIYs and went to the thrift shop to redo my jewelry holders, and I’m really pleased … Continue reading

What’s In my Purse

Hi everyone! Today I will be doing the “what’s in my bag” tag because, why not? I usually carry a very small cross body purse with very few things in it, but that’s no fun. Today happened to be one of … Continue reading