Blue on blue

Hi everyone,

I love wearing necklaces, especially wearing more than one. Sometimes layering necklaces is tricky though, so I’m want to share my tips on how to layer chokers.

Screen Shot 2014-09-22 at 6.54.44 PM

choker: my mothers   necklace: made by a friend

Match necklaces by event. These necklaces don’t look like they have much in common, but they match because they both suit evening attire.


 choker: homemade necklace: from my grandmother

 Match necklaces by material. These necklaces look so well together because they both have elements of silver in them.


 choker: thrifted    necklace: gift shop

 Match necklaces by material. I love necklaces, but I never thought to wear these two together because they seem so different. I’m glad I tried this combination, because they blue greens look great together.

stay classy,



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