Princess of Plastic

Hi everyone!

Thus far the highlight of Milan fashion week was the Fendi show.

The show opens with Cara Devangelie stomping, quite gracefully, down the catwalk in a gorgeous frock.


Once you get over Cara’s amazingness, you see the flowers. At first I thought they were lotuses, but on closer inspection I realized they were orchids. Orchids symbolize love, strength, and luxury, which is really fitting for Fendi.



Look at this mini purse! Do I sense an upcoming trend?


The back of the shoe looks like a ginger plant. It’s a modern, graphic flower on a shoe. It’s perfect.  


 Once we pass the field over flowers we warp back to the 60’s. Far out! I really like this tennis dress (or at least that’s what I call it) because of the rich orange and white strip.


This is one of those outfits that I want to wear, but could never pull it off. It takes so much artistry to wear all denim, and to wear those pants.


It looks like she’s wearing at least seven different pieces. So how does her figure still look flawless? How does the outfit look so light? Why don’t the white and grey melt together into murkiness? Questions for the ages.


I love the fake, shiny texture of the shirt. It reminds me of a Barbie doll, with the pastel colors, the stiff silhouettes, and the little pink handbag. She’s the princess of plastic.

stay classy,



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