Things to look Forward to this Fall

1. The sky grows gloomy, the fog rolls by, the air is chill, and you feel in the middle of a mystery novel.

Photo on 9-17-14 at 6.37 PM #2

my favorite seat at starbucks

2. Getting pumpkin spice frappes from Starbucks that make you feel nostalgic when you  look out at an abandoned construction site.

3. Wearing all of your favorite sweaters at once.

4. Watching classic movies while cuddling with your dog.

Photo on 9-17-14 at 9.14 PM

I strangely love this picture of my neighborhood at night

5. Long, aimless walks around your neighborhood as the sun sets.

6. Thousands upon thousands of irrelevant pictures of trees changing colors, fresh bread, and warm smiles.

Photo on 9-17-14 at 9.10 PM #3

my favorite candle

7 Lighting candles that smell like leaves and laughter.

8 Eating lots and lots of warm, delicious baked goods. Then putting on a coat and eating some pie. Pumpkin pie of course.

Photo on 9-17-14 at 9.04 PM #2

cocooned in my blankets

9 Surrounding yourself with pillows and blankets have a magnificent time of doing absolutely nothing.

10 Holiday dinners with all your family and friends.

stay classy,



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