What’s In my Purse

Hi everyone!

Today I will be doing the “what’s in my bag” tag because, why not? I usually carry a very small cross body purse with very few things in it, but that’s no fun. Today happened to be one of those days that I carry a larger bag with me so I thought that I should do this tag. So lets get started


My bag is this adorable tote by Lulu that is a nice size and really easy to clean!


First I have a few essentials, my phone which I cannot survive without. I have my pastel sunglasses from Forever 21, my wallet from Coach, a pen, and this amazing hardcover composition book from Walmart for doodles and sketches.


Then I have my beauty products in this little vegetable pouch from LeSportsac which is so fresh. I have my comb from Conair, my mini Paul Mitchell smoothing serum, hand sanitizer, Yes To cucumbers facial wipes, hair ties from a drugstore, Sephora lip gloss, Vaseline rosy lips, and my Juicy Couture double rollerball. I always carry to much beauty stuff, and my rule is whatever can fit in the pouch, and the pouch is always packed.


So that’s what’s in my purse! I highly recommend all of these products, I put lots of great stuff in my bag today:) Happy Saturday!

stay classy, Jade


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