God Bless America

cover Hi everyone! Happy 4th of July! To be festive I wore red, white, and blue, and so did the rest of the country. I felt so American that we are all wearing our county’s colors on this day that recognizes the birth of U.S.A. My main problem today when finding something to wear was finding solid red, white, and blue pieces, because all my clothes in said patterns have a print on them. I finally decided to go with a plain red asymmetrical fit and flare dress and layer, and it doesn’t look half bad! second Dress – Thrifted   Jacket – DSW  Top – Aeropostle Screen Shot 2014-07-04 at 6.41.39 PM

For makeup I decided on a bold red lip and some blue eyeshadow for that all American touch. With some mascara, bronzer, and concealer I was good to go! Screen Shot 2014-07-04 at 6.40.40 PM

My afternoon consisted of a small 4th of July picnic with the family, with all American foods like pizza and popcorn, which just happens to be red and white. For blue we just found blue plastic cups for the strawberry smoothies, yum! I hope you all have an amazing 4th of July. On this day I am reminded of the trials and tribulations the patriots went through to make America and independent country, and I’m proud to be an America. Have a great night, I’m off to watch the fireworks!

Stay Classy



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