Favorite Summer Lipbalms


I love summer, the sun, and all things hot. The one thing about summer that is definitely not a plus is sunburn. I am currently suffering from a slight face peeling (yuck) from way to much sun without sunscreen. I know, I know, but I ran out. What I feel is so important to prepare for the heat, besides sunscreen is a lip balm. It annoys me to no end when my lips are dry and peeling and so I always carry a lip balm with me. What really upsets me is when the whole point of the product is to moisturize and protect your lips and your lips feel like a dried prune. No. So out of my 7 billion lip balms I have tried here are the ones that I think are the best.


1. Eos

When I first heard of Eos I thought it was overhyped. It seemed like a cheepie product that has no color and was just in a pretty container. Then I tried it. Proves you should never judge a book by its cover. It smells amazing, looks adorable, and it really moisturizes your lips. It’s the real deal.


2. Softlips

What I really like about softlips is that they make your lips feel really soft and pretty. The one thing is that they have no color or scent, even though they have flavors. I think that this product is really good for making your lips soft and supple before putting on lipstick or gloss.


3. Blistex Smoothie

This is so so so moisturizing. It has a nice pink color and smells (and tastes) amazing! They have a couple different flavors which I plan to get. It’s also super easy to apply. The one thing I have to say about this is that the packaging isn’t  adorable and the top sometimes slips off.


4. Vasaline rosey lips

This is the best lip plumper and moisturizer. The texture is super nice and plumping and gives your lips this amazing pink sheen. It also tastes amazing and you just want to eat it up. It makes your lips feel full and pretty and is just overall the best. The only thing that I’m kind of iffy on is the application. Because the pot is so small it’s a little difficult to dig out and gets caught in your fingernails.


What are your favorite lip products?

stay classy, Jade


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