Spring Essentials

my favorite spring clothes ever

my favorite spring clothes ever!

As I looked at the lenthy list of all the items I thought I needed for spring, I realized I needed to get my priorities straight. I mean, did I really need three pairs of circular sunglasses? So I decided to look at the items I absolutely need for spring and stock up on those. So that led to my . . .
top 10 Spring wardrobe essentials
1. Cropped white shirt
A white shirt never goes out of style, it’s just one of those classic pieces that will always in season. To add a fresh twist, get a cropped top. Cropped shirts are in right now, so why not get the best of both. This is my outfit essential, to wear under overalls, with a skater skirt, or shorts. I got it at love culture, which has lots of trendy basics for good prices.
2. A floral sundress
Sundresses are one of the most feminine pieces of clothing there is, and to keep it breezy, get a floral print. You can never go wrong with florals in spring, weather it be girly roses or neon daisies. My sundress is from forever 21 and I love how it’s so light and cool. It’s a little dark, but it’s a nice way to wear floral without being to cutesy.
3.  swimsuit
Now that the waters not in the negative degree zone, you can finally head to the beach without a coat. Get a fun print or detail on you suit to really stand out. I got this tropical pattern at Aeropostle which I never though was a swimsuit place, so a great fashion discovery.
4. skater skirt
It’s still on trend, and this feminine, breezy style is perfect for spring. I got mine at jeans wear house in this lovely maroon color. I think this is perfect for going from day to night, and maroon is one of my favorite colors. I love wearing this skater skirt shopping or going to the movies.
5. spring sandals
A definite break from winter boots, spring sandals are so fun to wear. They’re light, pretty, and they show off your manicure! I got mine from macy’s, and I love the floral print! Sandals are also a nice way to update some of your winter wear to spring.
6. denim shorts
This is a must have for me. I practically wear denim every day, it matches everything. The great thing about denim, is that there are so many ways to wear it now, cutoffs, distressed, or patterned. These are just my much loved classic denim shorts that I thrifted a while ago.
7. cross body
 Spring has always has this certain breeziness to me, so I don’t like to lug a heavy bag with me. This just might be by personal preference, but I use this bag practically every day. It’s perfect for when you just need your wallet, keys, and phone, and is a good motivator for cleaning out your purse. I got this cross body from target, they seem to be carrying a lot of bohemian styled stuff.
8. a fun top
Spring is all about introducing bright, poppy colors, or pretty pastels into your wardrobe. Naturally, I think that having a fun top is an absolute essential. I got this pretty thing at macy’s, which I love. I’ve noticed this almost exotic paisley print to be quite popular, which I’m so exited about.
9. ballet flats
Ballet flats are my thing. I love wearing them, they are so classic and comfy. This is my personal spring essential, and although it might not be everyones cup of tea, I love them! This particular pair is from nine west and I adore them. I just think you need a good pairs of flats for spring and these are mine.
10. sweater
As much as we love the bright blue skies, we have to prepare for those rainy spring days. I like the rain, just not when I’m wearing a tank top. Keep cozy by getting a sweater or cardigan. I got this striped cropped sweater from forever 21 because me, and apperantly the whole fashion wold, is obssesed with stripes.
So those are my top 10 spring essentials. I didn’t put jewelry in because I don’t need that type of stress in my life. I hope you got some inspiration from this and enjoyed this post. Comment down below your spring essentials.
                                                                                                                                                                                                  stay classy,

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