Inside Chanel


Chanel is an icon. It is as simple as that. Her famous °5 perfume was created in 1919, roughly 99 years ago, and is still one of the most popular fragrances. Even as a little child, I knew Chanel. I didn’t know of the LBD or had ever smelled her °5 perfume, yet every effortlessly elegant woman seemed to simply whisper “Chanel.” As I grew older and more cultured in the world of fashion and couture, I learned of names like Rebecca Taylor and Dolce & Gabanna; but Chanel always seemed to be there, flitting through the fashion world and laughing alluringly.

So about that video that I put above, it is not a random video of whom I think the next pop star is going to be. It’s a mini series, 10 videos produced by Chanel itself, about it’s maker Gabrielle Chanel. Oh the videos though, they take your breath away. It’s not the usual advertisement of beautiful women seductively telling you to spend your money, not even close. It’s the history of Coco Chanel, her life and her inspirations, presented in the most beautiful way possible. They average 3 minutes, they are factual, yet they are pieces of art and unassuming chic, of Chanel herself.

stay classic, Jade


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