2014 Spring Fashion Week Trends

Hello everyone,

Fashion week has basically finished, so now it’s time to review the trends. I though fashion week was just gorgeous and I fell in love with almost all the clothes. I noticed that this year the spring trends seem to have a bit of an edge. Even though there were the usual pretty pastels and florals, there was also a lot of chic graphic prints and edgy sheer pieces going on. I have to say, I’m exited about wearing all the edgy looks this season, it will really glam spring up. Anyways, here are some the trends I noticed that I plan to incorporate into my daily outfits.

1. crop tops

When the crop top trend first started, I was a on the fence about it. It seemed rather weird to me that women would be showing off there stomaches, and it honestly made me feel a bit uncomfortable when I tried it out for myself. I also thought the crop top trend would turn into like a short, raggedy top that would make a person look dumpy trend. Thankfully it hasn’t gone there, and designers like Narciso Rodriguez have shown me that crop tops can be totally chic.

Image        Image

DKNY                                                                  Narciso Rodriguez

2. Sheer

I personally think this trend will be very refreshing for spring, because adding bits of sheer to any outfit makes it lighter, and more spring-like. Oversized sheer tops seem to be big too, with a crop top or bandeau underneath. I also think that sheerness adds a clean, sporty vibe to an outfit. Doesn’t that Calvin Klein look below seem like it could belong at some type of sporting event or pep rally? Overall, I’m very exited about this trend and I think it looks very modern and pretty.

Image            Image

Calvin Klein                                                  Theyskens’ Theory

3. Graphics

This is a trend that I feel even though keeps popping up, always remains somehow unconventional. Maybe I’m just inspired by that look by Zimmermann, that has such a definite pattern yet the silhouette remains etherial that I can’t help thinking that the graphic trend will always remain fresh. Also since graphics have been pretty popular I have a bunch of graphic pieces in my closet, but that in no way makes me biased . . .

Image     Image

Edun                                                                    Zimmermann

4. Fringe

Honestly, I did not see fringe coming as a super popular trend. Even though fringe was popular a couple years ago, and I’ve seen some fringe pieces recently, I was surprised. I’m not surprised in a bad way though, because I do like fringe; I’m just not very good at wearing it. Hopefully this season I can challenge myself to incorporate fringe into my outfits and get a bit outside my comfort zone.

Image     Image

Calvin Klein                                                        Altuzarra

5. Florals

Ah yes, the classic, ever so feminine floral print. We can always count on them to make an appearance in the spring/summer fashion week. That being said, I adore floral. I can’t see why anyone would tire of beautiful flowers gracing the fabric of their clothes.  What I love about florals is that there are so many ways to wear them. I mean look how crisp the florals are in Ralph Laure’s look, while Rebecca Taylor makes florals seem to ripple in the breeze and look positively rosy. That’s flower power my friends. So to the floral trend – bring it on!

Image       Image

Ralph Lauren                                                     Rebecca Taylor

So those are the basic trends I saw on fashion week, I hope everyone is as exited as I am. I mean, who can’t help getting exited at the possibility of fringe? Sorry for not posting in a while, school has been bringing me down, and frankly I have a bit of a mental block currently. I’m trying my best to power through though, and I hope to be writing again to you soon.

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stay classy, Jade

I claim no photo credit, Elle deserves it all


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