Hi everyone, my name is Jade. I’m an American teenager with a desperate desire to travel the world. I adore fashion, there is no denying it. It started when I was young, watching old black and white movies with women who wore impossibly elegant and sophisticated clothes (Audrey Hepburn) . It blossomed when I discovered fashion magazines and couture, cutting out my favorite trends and making collages to decorate my room. Finally it spiraled into a full blown affair when I discovered fashion week and fashion based shows like Project Runway (it’s an addiction). In a world of pleated skirts and crisp white blouses, yes I go to a private Catholic school, I realized I needed a fashion outlet. Even though my uniform is admittedly chic, wearing the same outfit five days a week for over 9 years is a form of oppression. This blog will be about my trend rants, personal style, designer opinions, ootds, dream items, closet jealousy, and just a whole lot of random.

P.S. I have an acute form of technology impairment so be warned . . .

“Fashion changes, but style endures.” – Coco Chanel

stay classy, Jade


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